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Monthly Days or Evenings of Recollection are a time for personal prayer and reflection on topics to do with the Christian life. A recollection typically lasts two hours, set apart from one’s busy work, schedule and family life, to recharge one’s spiritual life.


The format includes two meditations by a priest, personal time for spiritual reading, Benediction and a short talk by a lay person or the Rosary. A priest is available for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.



Dates for 2020





NB These take place in Dunreath (231 Nithsdale Road Glasgow G41 5HA).

For more information, visit their page


Diocesan priests 2020

These are held on the 1st Wednesday afternoon and 1st Thursday morning of each month.

Wednesday 3-5pm (Coffee from 2.30pm; Tea at 5pm)2019

 January 8th 

 February 5th

 March 4th
 April 1st

 July 1st
 August 5th
 September 2nd

 October* 7th

 November 4th

 December 2nd


Thursday 11am-1pm  (Coffee from 10am; Lunch at 1pm)2019

 January  9th

 February th

 March 5th
 April 2nd

 May* 7th
 June 4th
 July 2nd

August 6th
 September 3rd

 October *8th

 November 5th

 December 3rd


These are held in Hazelwood House, except * which will be in Dunreath 231 Nithsdale Road G41 5HA 

For more information about Diocesan Priests' recollection please email stephenreynolds@mail.com 


Hazelwood House  52 First Gardens  Glasgow  G41 5NB


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