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Hazelwood House Conference Centre hosts workshops and residential retreats where people of all backgrounds and ages find a warm welcome and are encouraged to live their Christian calling in very practical ways, at work, in family life, in social relationships and in all the little things that make up their ordinary life.

All spiritual and doctrinal activities offered at Hazelwood House are entrusted to Opus Dei, a Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church.

Retreats at Hazelwood House provide an opportunity to reflect on one’s everyday life in light of basic Christian principles.

They are residential for either men or women.

For dates and further details, please follow this link.

A recollection typically lasts two hours, set apart from one’s busy work, to recharge one’s spiritual life.

The format includes two meditations by a priest, personal time for spiritual reading, benediction and a short talk by a lay person or the Rosary. 

For dates and further details, please follow this link.

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