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Welcome to Hazelwood House

A Retreat is an opportunity to reflect on one's everyday occupations, family life and relationships with God and others in light of the basic truths of the Catholic faith. 

A variety of activities for women of all ages.

- Workshops on topics such as the home and family development, relationships, communication and fashion.

- A club for schoolgirls aged 9 to 13

- SMART Academy and other activities for girls aged 14 to 17.

- Concerts and Family Fun Days.

The Family Development Foundation will soon be running here in Glasgow their very popular "Early teens" course. Their aim is to provide the resources to ensure that we can raise our children in the best possible way, enriching their lives and providing a solid grounding to enable them to lead happy and meaningful lives.

If you are coming for one of our residential retreats, follow this link to find out everything about the accommodation and make sure you pack the right things.

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