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Early Teens Parenting Course











A course for parents of children from 11 to 14 years old.

The aim of Family Development Foundation is to provide the resources to ensure that we can raise our children in the best possible way, enriching their lives and providing a solid grounding to enable them to lead happy and meaningful lives.

During puberty, children experience some psychosomatic changes that affect their sensibility and their behaviour. This is united to aggressive external influences.

In this course, parents analyse the causes and effects of such changes and they study the most appropriate guidelines to maintain a firm and down-to-earth relationship with their children, without limiting their natural discovery of the world.


This course will start once a sufficient number of couples have registered their interest by filling the form below; so at this time we cannot provide a firm start date. A course coordinator will be in touch in due course. The course has a cost of £90 per couple.


Register your interest

If you are thinking of attending this course, please let us know by submitting your details here. This will not commit you to attending, but we can only run a course if there is sufficient interest. We will keep you informed. Thank You.

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